Time Management

How do you identify that you are facing a challenge in managing your time?

This is the starting point. Being busy does not imply that you are not managing your time well. You must look at a few signals to ascertain whether you need to address your time management for greater productivity. This session will help you identify whether something needs to be fixed by you to manage your time better. This session focuses on the symptoms which indicate challenges in time management.

Understanding utilization of your time

Any change management starts by understanding the ‘As Is’ situation. Unless one is aware of where one stands, it is difficult to chart the way forward. How does one assess where one stands at present? This session will help you identify where there is a scope for improvement in regard to your time management.

Reorienting yourself to implement scientific techniques for time management

Time management is a vast subject. Depending on your occupation and profession, you need to customise your own time management plan. Several considerations which make you an individual determines your approach to time management. For example, your level of ambition in professional or personal life is an important input to your time management matrix. You will learn how to curate your own plan once you have clarity on the concepts governing the same.

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Time Management
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