Real Estate Selling Skills

How do you understand what the prospect wants?
The key to successful selling is understanding the needs, wants and desires of a prospect to convert the prospect to a customer. This needs several skills which includes telephonic conversation skills, email and text messaging protocols, questioning skills and building rapport skills. Based on these learnings, participants will be able to curate the value proposition customised to the need, want and desire of the prospect.
How does one curate and present the value proposition for the prospect to become interested?
This is the most significant step in the real estate selling process. The participants will learn how to curate the value proposition and present the same remotely as well as in person. Site visit, physically or virtually is the key step to convert the prospect to a customer. Several practical insights regarding customer psychology will be highlighted during this session.
How does one follow up to close the sale and generate referral business?
Since the decision making by the prospect takes time for real estate purchase, it is imperative for the sales team to follow up in a scientific and non-obtrusive manner. The prospect must not get irritated by the follow up of the sales person. Telephonic and text based (email included) follow up techniques and other persuasive techniques will be learnt by participants in this session.

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Real Estate Selling Skills
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